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Re-Cycled Yarns

Recycled Yarns

Sustainability is the Key to a better future and we strongly believe in it. By offering recycled products to our end consumers is a small step towards the goal.

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Product: 100% Recycled Carded Yarn

Product: 100% Recycled Carded Yarn

Application :

  • Hosiery & Weaving

Count Range :

  • Ne 6/1 – Ne 40/1

We are offering in Single ply and double ply options.

We offer regenerated knit yarns which are suitable for running on variety of knitting machines like circular, flat or jacquard for making single jersey, fleece, french terry, pique, rib and interlock fabrics.

Our woven yarns are suitable for running on traditional and modern high speed looms like Sulzer, Air Jet, Rapier, Power and Hand Loom and ideal for production of bed sheets, scarves, blankets, denim.

We offer recycled melange yarns in a variety of color shades and fibre compositions Our melanges for hosiery and woven yarns are available in count range of Ne 12s to Ne 30s.

We are offering over 80plus shades in a wide range of colours.



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